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Sweaters & Cardigans

Is it sweater weather again? Don’t worry, you will be perfect comfy and warm with Sweaters and Cardigans by Philippe le Bac!

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  1. 100% Cashmere Round Neck Classic Fit Cardigan
    As low as $120.00
  2. 100% Cashmere Ribbed Turtle Neck Pullover
    As low as $244.00
  3. Cashmere Sleeveless Turtleneck Pullover
    As low as $120.00
  4. 100% Cashmere Half Neck Short Sleeve Pullover
    As low as $120.00
  5. Off Shoulder Turtleneck Pullover Sweater
    As low as $226.00
  6. V Neck Front & Back Sweater
    As low as $120.00
  7. 100% Cashmere Multi-Wear Wrap
    100% Cashmere Multi-Wear Wrap
    As low as $121.00
  8. Women's Cashmere Turtleneck Fitted Sweater
    As low as $120.00
  9. Cashmere Blended Rolled Boatneck Pullover Sweater
    As low as $120.00
  10. 100% Cashmere Classic Fit Turtleneck Sweater
    As low as $115.00

10 Items

Set Descending Direction