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Women’s V-neck Pullover

Women’s V-neck Pullover

This Women’s V-neck Pullover is a must have in any wardrobe! The v-neck and the plain color results in a classic and yet stylish outfit, ideal for working or vacation. It will keep you warm and cozy all winter long!
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  • V-neck
  • Plain color
  • Long Sleeve
  • Ribbed Neck
  • Cuffs and hem
  • Adjusted fit: perfect for work and weekend
  • French design: classic luxury for you
Care Instruction

Handwash very gently in cool water, inside out. Water temperature should not exceed to 30°C. Do not use softener and lay flat to dry.
For best result fold cashmere, do not hang

Pilling: As a natural living fiber all cashmere pills, especially in high friction places. If it does not pill, it is not cashmere! To minimize pilling, wash in water and de pill with special cashmere brush and avoid excessive friction.


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