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Cashmere Goat

Cashmere, also known as ‘soft gold’, is the product of downy and fine hairs of the ‘cashmere’ goat, renowned for its exceptional softness, insulation and durability.

While the primacy of cashmere as the ‘King of fibers’ is undisputed, the quality of the finished product depends in large part on the raw material and the manufacturing technique. Philippe le Bac’s strength and distinctiveness reside in the company’s control over each step of the vertical cashmere production process: collection, sorting, de-haring, spinning and finally weaving the yarn into clothing.

As a 3rd generation specialist of cashmere, Philippe le Bac makes annual visits to Mongolia to select the finest cashmere to assure the best quality of our finished products. Rigorous testing and quality controls guarantee the authenticity and give all Philippe le Bac products the EU export 100% Cashmere certificate.

For mid-season, PHILIPPE LE BAC CASHMERE & CO designs new cashmere blend collections, using a subtle and delicate mix of cashmere and exceptionally soft and lightweight to wear.


For the sweltering heat of summer, Philippe le Bac developed a full collection made of the most innovative and eco-friendly fibers - bamboo, tencel, modal and milk-fiber, as well as linen and silk jerseys to tailor into tee-shirts, blouses and dresses.


Bamboo is a natural, green, eco-friendly and biodegradable textile material derived from bamboo trees - a fast-growing renewable resource. Bamboo fabrics are naturally anti-bacterial and deodorizing, soft, lightweight and moisture absorbent.


To create this fabric, liquid milk is dried and its protein extracted to make fabric. This textile is eco-friendly, breathable and it captures the moisture to make skin tender and smooth like after taking a milk bath.


Derived from wood pulp, these fabrics are environmentally sustainable, biodegradable, as well as durable & soft. They are particularly pleasant to wear & appropriate for sensitive skin. Their differences in texture are due to the different chemical processes they undergo to become yarns. Tencel is one of the most eco-friendly fibers available nowadays.



To prolong the life of your garments, Philippe le Bac advises you to wash the garment delicately by hand or in a machine in water not exceeding 30°C. If washed in a machine, the garment should be placed in a laundry bag and the machine should be set on wool program. Philippe le Bac highly discourages the use of softener.

It is highly advised lay flat to dry, to use cool iron and not to tumble dry cashmere garments.

Innovative fibers:

Bamboo, Milk, Linen, Modal and Tencel fabrics will maintain their exceptional qualities when washed using a gentle cycle in water not exceeding 40°C with a delicate, bleach-free detergent. To avoid pilling and excessive wear, wash your garments in a protective laundry bag. For best results, air dry away from direct sun light or tumble dry low, and cool iron when slightly damp on reverse side.

Silk and leather garments should be dry cleaned to maintain their exceptional qualities