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Our Story

Founded in Paris in 1936, Philippe le Bac is a story of three generations of creators and makers of beautiful filaments, textiles and clothes for numerous European luxury fashion brands. Fifty years later, Philippe le Bac launched its own collections, created with the same quality, design and attention to detail, to be sold at exclusive boutiques, white staying true to its heritage in continuing to manufacture for luxury European labels. Today, we continue to create beautiful clothes and accessories that combine exquisite and natural fabrics, impeccable cut, finishing, and effortless Parisian chic at accessible prices.

Philippe le Bac stays true to its heritage and continues to manufacture for numerous luxury European labels, with products distributed in over 450 boutiques and high-end department stores across the world, as well for its own boutiques in Hong Kong and China. Philippe le Bac is considered by the industry insiders as an up and coming accessible luxury brand in the highly competitive Chinese and Greater Asia retail markets, and has developed a loyal following of increasingly demanding costumers who appreciate the combination of trendy styles, exceptional materials and accessibility.

Philippe le Bac Cashmere & CO does not only strive for impeccable products but also offers an excellent shopping experience to its costumers by introducing a simple but elegant French touch to all its boutiques. We work hard to offer a pleasurable shopping time to our costumers with a very modern, minimalist décor and relaxing music.

Our shops and products reflect our idea of the French modern woman - independent, strong yet very elegant and fashionable.

Philippe le Bac Cashmere & CO is not only a clothing label but a whole new lifestyle.

Winter and Fall Collection

Philippe le Bac winter collections focus on garments and accessories is made from the purest cashmere, the queen of all fibers. Our cashmere is sourced directly from goat herders in Mongolia, whose semi-domesticated goats that roam the endless steppes, provide the downy under-fleeces underneath their rougher coats that protect them from the dry and old Mongolian winters. The cashmere wool is then treated and spun into yarn in our factories there. Philippe le Bac is involved in the entire production of the cashmere, in the most eco-friendly and sustainable manner possible, to produce the finest cashmere. The resulting cashmere collection, designed in Europe, is a blend of luxurious fibers and contemporary design, which paired with chic and minimalist leather for a distinctly urban edge.

Spring and Summer Collections

For Spring and Summer, Philippe le Bac creates cashmere blend collections, using a subtle and delicate mix of cashmere, silk and bamboo, exceptionally soft and lightweight to wear, paired with chic denim, leather and other accessories. Summer collections combine bold prints and unique details, in sumptuous silks and organic, environmentally friendly fabrics such as bamboo, modal and milk jerseys, to create authentic, feminine and versatile pieces, perfect for work or a holiday.